What's In Season

The following is a list of fruits and vegetables that are currently in season in Southern California, although many of fruits and vegetables are local to the Coachella Valley as well. The list is ranked by length of time left for availability.

Red? Orange? Yellow? Green? You bet! – Juicy citrus, mouth-watering strawberries, earthy roots and greens that will tempt you to rise to the occasion and create delicious menus with the best of the season. The temps are up and summer is upon us. Don’t let the heat get to you.. let’s get busy.

Check in on the Home page for weekly recipes which use what’s currently in season. Please feel free to comment or post your favorite recipes for a fruit or vegetable in season.

Broccoli – Cauliflower – Figs – Melons – Nectarines – Plums – Pears -Avocados – Strawberries – Asian Pears – Asparagus – Grapefruit – Passion Fruit – Raspberries – Peaches - Tomatoes -Corn – Eggplant – Onions – Potatoes – Summer Squash – Artichokes -Beets – Cabbage – Celery – Scallions – Kale - Kohrabi – Lemons – Mushrooms – Mustard